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When we first met Lisa we thought she was too good to be true. We had met with a few other photographers and were starting to get a little disheartened with the process. Finally we found someone who was fully accredited, in our price range, and whose stunning photographs made us excited about the planning again. We started recommending her to other couples before we even got married!

Lisa, we want to thank you whole heartedly for creating such a carefree time, including the lead up and the big day. We both felt so confident in your abilities as you made us feel at ease about getting captured, a feeling which was especially appreciated during my boudoir shoot! You were so relaxed about my husband making us walk what felt like the entire length of the Brisbane River, and had fun with us while we were being silly trying to recreate a Vanity Fair cover. You’re a diamond the rough that is the wedding industry x

Tiane & Alex